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Poucos prazeres na vida se igualam ao que eu tenho de fazer essa mala, pegar a camera e VIAJAR!!!

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Even after almost 6 months I still feel like my life back in Brazil is just a dream. I feel like I will just wake up in Glasgow again, pack my things in my bag - in my D37 bedroom - and go to the Buchanan Bus Station to take the next megabus to London.

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Night on Earth, day in the sky. Barcelona

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David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly rehearsing The Ballroom Scene for the movie Labyrinth.

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“Meet the Missus Tea ” by Karen Hallion

T-shirt on sale 25-27 February on OtherTees

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Os imãs de geladeira mais lindos da cidade

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The world’s largest communal same-sex wedding ever took place this Sunday, when around 130 same-sex couples participated in a mass wedding in Rio De Janeiro. While Brazil’s new marriage equality law has not been officially passed, some offices have already begun accepting marriage license applications from same-sex couples. Love it. (via The Advocate)