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mostly nature

I miss it everyday

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Seramyu is back ♥

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and you know which one

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A Glasgow nightclub has installed a two-way mirror which allows male revellers in private booths to spy on unsuspecting women as they visit the toilet! With no notification or signage anywhere in the venue many female club goers have been left feeling embarrassed and used. Although they do briefly show the mirrors in a promo video, the club has been quickly deleting comments and posts on their social media from club goers trying to alert others to the situation. This is pretty much illegal and hugley violates privacy. Thank you The Shimmy Club for giving us a shiny, new, creative and cool take on objectification.
article here

i’m never leaving my house again, this world is just too fucked up.


gross gross gross gross gross

Good morning disgusting.

Remember ladies:

  • “No space, leave the place” (fingernail test)
  • A two way mirror must be set INTO the wall, not placed on top of it.
  • If you rap/knock against the mirror, one installed onto a wall (a normal mirror) will make a dull sound, because there’s something behind it. A two-way will have more reverberation.
  • Use the flashlight on your phone to shine on the mirror, if it’s a two-way, you’ll be able to see into the other room.
  • You can also shield your eyes and see in if you lean up against the glass.
  • The room being viewed will have to be brightly lit (10x brighter than the room looking in), so if you’re in a typical dimly lit club bathroom, you’re ok.

boosting the fuck out of this

They have this in Continental Midtown in Philly, it’s fucking creepy and not cool at all

the most obvious solution i can think of is to break that motherfucker. what are they going to do? sue you for breaking something they shouldnt have had?

That’s fucking disgusting.

Hey, fellas. You ever feel like you have to check if you’re standing in front of a two-way mirror? Women do.

This needs to be known

Thank God I’ve never been in this place.

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Spotlight: Romania

Spotlight Since launching, we’ve seen Instagram spread from our headquarters in California to every corner of the globe. In this series we highlight Instagrammers from countries and cities with thriving communities.

"Every known superstition in the world is gathered into the horse-shoe of the Carpathians, as if it were the centre of some sort of imaginative whirlpool." — Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

With the Carpathian mountains arcing across its center and the river Danube running along its southern region, Romania is a country of vast and hilly peaks and luscious wetlands.

A history steeped in folklore, Romania’s rural and remote landscape served as the fictional home of Bram Stoker’s famous vampire, Count Dracula. With numerous hilltop castles such as Bran Castle, as well as the fairytale turrets of King Carol I’s Peleş Castle in Transylvania, it comes as little surprise that Romania has ignited the imagination of so many.

For a closer look at Romania’s haunting landscapes and bustling cities through the lenses of just a few of the many Instagrammers that live there, follow:

  • Lorant Pandea, Transylvania photographer – @lorantpandea
  • Oana Befort, graphic designer and illustrator in Bucharest – @oanabefort
  • Lavinia Cernău, photographer in Cluj-Napoca – @lavinia_cernau
  • Liviu Ratiu, photographer in Cluj-Napoca – @liviuratiu
  • Raluca Tămaș, journalist in Bucharest – @raltamas

For a closer look at Romania, explore the country through some of its most popular and picturesque destinations:

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Poucos prazeres na vida se igualam ao que eu tenho de fazer essa mala, pegar a camera e VIAJAR!!!

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Even after almost 6 months I still feel like my life back in Brazil is just a dream. I feel like I will just wake up in Glasgow again, pack my things in my bag - in my D37 bedroom - and go to the Buchanan Bus Station to take the next megabus to London.

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Night on Earth, day in the sky. Barcelona

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David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly rehearsing The Ballroom Scene for the movie Labyrinth.